Choje Lama Rabsang’s birthday & 15 years in UK celebrations

Choje Lama Rabsang’s birthday & 15 years in UK celebrations

Last year, following the death of his father, Lama Rabsang insisted that, instead of celebrating his birthday, if we wanted to offer something, we should offer practice. So we started collecting Praises to 21 Taras at that time.

This year, when we expressed our wish to celebrate his birthday, as well as 15 years of his Dharma activities in UK, Lama kindly agreed. On 24th September 2016 many people made the effort to come together to appreciate the causes and conditions that have made it possible for Lama to be in the UK, making the Buddha Dharma available, especially in Wales.

We started the day with Praises to 21 Taras, after which Lama gave a great and inspiring Dharma talk. We continued with A Blast From The Past Slide Show, which demonstrated how many people, how much effort, aspirations, causes and conditions all have to come together for Dharma centres to manifest, develop and in eventually flourish. The buffet lunch was very generous, again reminding us how things can become abundant when everyone contributes a little bit! The afternoon was filled with musical offerings, poetry, talks and many words of gratitude, as well as much laughter!

Two especially-made songs helped us to keep Lama and the meditation teachings in mind: Queen’s “We Will Rock You” transformed into “We Will Wake Up” (inspired by Tai Situ Rinpoche); and (our all time favourite) “Let It Be”.

Lama Rabsang graciously received the offering of a newly-painted-red, step machine to keep him fit in his retreat next year: “Stepping Towards Enlightenment”. A complete surprise for him, it gave him a good laugh! Due to the kindness and generosity of so many people, we were able to give Lama a generous offering of about £1300. As a gift to Lama Rabsang, part of this will be sent to Sherabling Nunnery for them to do 100 000 x Praises to 21 Taras to remove any obstacles from Lama’s Dharma activities. Another practice offering was a Life Release (Tsetar) practice: we sponsored to save and release 47 live lobsters, instead of them encountering a hot pot. The merit was especially dedicated for Lama’s long life as well as all beings’ enlightenment. The evening finished with talks remembering Lama’s years in UK and students reflecting on the inspirational effect that he has had on them.

May the Dharma flourish through the pure lineage of blessings that have been taken into the heart, from where they illuminate the ever-present truth, liberating beings from the impure states of mind!



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