How to Build Up a Daily Practice and Keep it Going

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Our mind and brain can be left to be shaped by outside influences and repeating our old habitual tendencies, but if we want to take more responsibility of how we lead our life, respond to inner and outer events, it means more conscious effort. Many times we want something to change, but when we try to build up a new, positive habit, we easily face obstacles and cannot keep going. What to do?

Choje Lama Rabsang will give advice according to his own practice experience as well as seeing the problems we struggle with in the West. If you have a specific problem regarding your daily practice and would like it to be addressed, you can write it down anonymously and it will be read out during the day.

Teacher: Choje Lama Rabsang
Suggested donation: £25 / £20 (Monthly Supporters) incl. lunch


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