Lhabab Duchen Celebration & Prayers

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Lhabab Duchen, the ‘Festival of the Descent from Heaven’, is one of the four major Buddhist festivals. It occurs on the 22nd day of the ninth Tibetan month.

Buddha’s mother Mayadevi was reborn in Indra’s heaven, Heaven 33. To repay her kindness and to liberate her, and also to benefit the gods, Buddha spent three months teachings in the realm of the gods. When he was about to return to this world, Indra and Brahma manifested three stair. As the Buddha walked down the central one, they accompanied him to his left and right carrying umbrellas to honour him. He descended to earth in Sankisa, which is located in modern Uttar Pradesh, and which is counted among the eight holy places.

We welcome you to join us in the offerings and prayers on this auspicious day. You can bring offerings of candles, flowers, food or incense to the shrine.

On this auspicious day the multiplying the effects of all positive and negative actions is said to be 10 million times. It is therefore considered very useful to engage in positive activities this day.