Meditation Day – Calm Abiding teachings and practice

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Lama Rabsang will lead a day focused on Calm Abiding meditation. There will be teachings as well as practice sessions throughout the day. The practice day is open for everyone, beginners as well as long time practitioners who wish to deepen their practice in a group setting.

Teacher: Choje Lama Rabsang
Suggested donation: £25 / £20 (Monthly supporters) incl. lunch

“Why does one practice calm abiding meditation? To develop awareness. As it is, one thinks one is concentrated, but in truth one’s mind is bewildered on account of the many distractions and as a result one has no control and loses oneself to these distractions. So it is necessary to learn to control one’s mind. Abiding in mental calm is carried out in order to attain concentrative awareness.

When one isn’t aware and is overwhelmed by distracting thoughts, they cause one to lead one’s life in an unsatisfactory way. Usually, one has a sensation. As a result, thoughts arise about them and one follows after these thoughts. Living one’s life by following after thoughts is lack of awareness. Unconsciously leading one’s life based on thoughts that arise due to feelings that one has is a process one isn’t aware of. Thoughts arise from habitual patterns one has accumulated and that are stored in one’s ground consciousness as positive or negative imprints. When causes and conditions come together, one experiences one’s habitual patterns and reacts based on them. Blindly reacting in reliance on one’s habits keeps one in bondage, which is what having no control over one’s mind means. A practitioner engages in calm abiding meditation again and again in order to become accustomed to having control by focusing his or her attention on a specific object.” Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche source HERE

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