Meditation Day – Developing Insight teachings and practice

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Lama Rabsang will lead a day focused on Insight meditation. There will be teachings as well as practice sessions throughout the day. The practice day is open for everyone, but it is recommended that you have already been introduced to Calm Abiding meditation and have practiced it for a while to get the most benefit from these teachings and practice.

Teacher: Choje Lama Rabsang
Suggested donation: £25 / £20 (Monthly supporters) incl. lunch

“We saw that lhagtong means ‘special insight.’ Lhag means ‘special, extraordinary,’ and thong means ‘to see.’ Let me give an easy example to show what lhag-tong is like: You will see everything yellow if you have a serious case of hepatitis. Our mind is like that; we see everything through the lens of our ego, our “I.” Shamatha meditation is like taking medicine to become cured of hepatitis. When we are healthy again, we can clearly see the colour white as white, yellow as yellow, red as red, and so forth. Seeing clearly is the beginning of lhag-thong, ‘special insight.’ Of course, it has a deeper meaning. By having become calm through the practice of shamatha, we practice lhag-thong in order to see the essence of our mind very clearly, with our clear mind. That is the real meaning of lhag-thong and it applies to seeing everything else in the same way, very clearly.” His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche source HERE

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