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Visit Palpung Wales


Visit Palpung Wales

Please phone or email the office to book your stay

Suggested Donations:

VISITOR: £20 ( own room )/£15 per night (shared room) // Monthly Supporters £15 (own room)/£10 per night (shared room)

PERSONAL RETREAT: £10/ per night (for full time practice schedule, self-catering)

VOLUNTEERING £15 /per night (incl. 3 meals / day – see Volunteers terms & conditions)

You will be asked to fill in the visitor / volunteer / retreatant form and to show a proof of identification at the beginning of your stay.
The payment for the stay is requested at the beginning of your stay.
The length of your stay will be agreed before you arrive (at the moment max stay is 1 month for personal retreat, provided that you have experience on longer retreats and can provide a referee). You can do a one week personal retreat without providing a referee.
Volunteering periods are agreed together with the Centre Manager.
The centre provides 3 meals a day when we have a cook on site, but when there is no cook available, only breakfast will be provided at a cost of £2.50 per day. All other meals are self-catering. There are supermarkets in the town from where you can purchase ingredients. During the courses and retreats meals will be provided (£10 for 3 meals a day).

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Volunteer at Palpung Wales

Working together for a good purpose strengthens a sense of community and belonging. A strong community is something that furthermore gives support to our personal practice in our everyday lives when we aim to lead a meaningful, harmonious and beneficial life.

Palpung Wales is run by volunteers and most of its development is reliant on volunteers that come to help either regularly or occasionally. It is everyone´s opportunity as well as positive responsibility to take part in the normal daily routines for a couple of hours when staying at the Centre (unless you are on a personal solitary retreat). It is encouraged that people would actively engage and make the Centre “their own”. The Centre belongs to everyone, it should be like a spiritual home, where everyone plays an important part in its flourishing.

Please see the CALENDAR for our regular Voluntary Working Weekends (meals + accommodation provided). You can also arrange with Palpung Wales office a time when it is suitable for you to come to do some voluntary work.

Anyone can join our group of volunteers who are helping to run and develop the Centre. We welcome volunteers on a daily basis to help.


LIBRARY – helping the main library volunteer (one day a week / every two weeks; one or two people)

GARDEN – cutting the grass (once a month during growing season; one person)

GARDEN – making pathways and stone structures

GARDEN – up-keep, planting, weeding (regularly, a couple of times a month; few people)

DIY / GENERAL MAINTENANCE – small jobs around the house (every couple of weeks; one or two people)

OFFICE ADMIN ASSISTANCE – could be anything from copying to filing, printing texts to shop etc (every week / two weeks, one person)

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE – need to have knowledge of the general functioning of computers+programs (occasionally when needed; one person)

WEBSITE – helping the main web editor with keeping the info updated, you can do this where you live (on weekly basis; one person)

VIDEO / AUDIO EDITING OF THE TEACHINGS – making / converting / uploading teachings to YouTube or other media. You can do this where you live. (any time; one / two people)

TRANSCRIBING THE TEACHINGS – writing teachings from the teachings held at Palpung Wales, audio files (anytime; how ever many people wish to do this)

CLEANING HELP – helping Centre volunteers to keep the place tidy and in order (once a week/ two weeks / month; few people)


Support Palpung Wales

Support the Centre

In Tibet the monasteries were always built and supported by the vibrant communities surrounding them. They would not only make regular offerings of food, animals and money, but also be the source of the monks and nuns, with families also ‘offering’ their first born to the monastery.

In the same way, in the West the dharma centres are solely reliant on the volunteers and the Buddhist community that grows up around it and until a centre becomes established it is a very precarious position indeed. Your contribution, however small or large, makes a vital, real difference to our very survival.


Donations don´t just mean financial help, but can be anything from time, material help, shrine offerings, skills to financial support.

Please join us in helping to carry out the hopes and wishes of the Chamgon Tai Situpa that this centre may flourish and thus be able to benefit beings, bringing them happiness, comfort and joy through the wisdom and compassion of Buddhas teachings and activity. May Dharma flourish within and without!


Sign up using the link on our home page


All donations help the Centre to survive and develop, so any help is highly appreciated. You can make one-off offerings through PayPal, just use the link on our home page.


Please kindly make it payable to: Sherabling Foundation UK.

Palpung Changchub Dargyeling, 96 King Street, Brynmawr, NP23 4SY Wales

Palpung Changchub Dargyeling is part of the Sherabling Foundation (UK) registered charity (1098963) and as such your offering is tax deductable.

Please note: Any offering to the centre is used solely for the running and upkeep of Palpung Changchub Dargyeling. No individual has access to this money as it is controlled by the Trustees.