Many Hands Make Light Work – Boxes, Paths and The Hut

Many Hands Make Light Work – Boxes, Paths and The Hut

It has been one very busy November at Palpung Wales. Suddenly we had an outburst of visitors, retreatants and much needed volunteers – those many arms of Chenrezig. Maybe this was the prelude to the upcoming Lama Rabsang’s year long retreat as well as our first Winter Retreat period, both starting at the beginning of December.

We had had so many projects waiting which just needed someone to give them a start. Those are the moments of either falling into desperation with the amount of things to do or “just relax” as Lama Rabsang says. “Just relax” was the easier option and in no time we got another confirmation for the lesson in trust and faith: When the garden is ready (read: overgrown) and aspiration is strong, the gardener will appear. And so he did, just like that, out of nowhere: A hardworking, dedicated, inspired and patient volunteer. Also when the money for the meditation boxes had been donated, we also got a visitor volunteer who wanted to make the boxes. He has put all his creativity and dedication into making them beautiful, yet a simple piece of art. Lama’s retreat hut needed insulation for the winter, and many other little preparations for his retreat time – and again volunteers appeared. Many came to help with the tasks: planting bulbs, carrying rocks, weeding, painting, varnishing, cleaning, sewing curtains and cushion covers…Chenrezig definitely has to have many arms and skills to do all that!

Now the garden has beautiful pathways, safer steps and a memorial garden. The meditation boxes are nearly all ready for the retreatants to just put them in good use. Lama’s retreat hut is now all ready. It is truly an inspiring – and warm – beacon for a retreat. One can look at all this with much gratitude and also with a deepening understanding of the karma: how many things have to come together for anything to mature into fruition? How many Buddhist (and non-Buddhists) – their dedication, good motivation, inspiration and aspirations, hard work and effort – it takes to make a Dharma Centre flourish? Many!

May any merit gained through dedicating the hours, the effort and the heart to help the Dharma flourish, be for the enlightenment of all beings.

By Pauliina Kossi 

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