October News Drops

October News Drops


Lama Rabsang is a great example of joyful effort in practice and in action.

Thank You from Choje Lama Rabsang
Lama Rabsang sends his thanks to you for remembering his birthday with cards, regards and especially the practice. He said we are in his prayers. He is looking happy on his retreat and is more and more mentioning the need for practice: The other day when asked about the next year and the Centre’s activities he said that the life is too short making things too complicated. Just do what is necessary, try to keep things simple and focus on practice. We get easily carried away with too many ideas and projects which just are endless. “More practice needed” as the slogan goes! Remembering Lama’s joyful smile, it cannot but be a joyful thing.

Roz gathering the merit accumulation of generosity in the kitchen.

Help Arrived, No Need for Thousand Arms – Yet
At Palpung Wales activities have been a bit quieter due to Lama’s retreat, but as any organisation, the Centre has its own basic up keeping duties and we’ve still kept on going with our weekly classes and pujas despite Lama’s retreat. As you may remember, we were looking for assistance for working at the Centre since one person would need – if not a thousand arms – at least a couple of more pairs of hands as well as few more terabytes of brain capacity to keep it all running smoothly. But why develop more hands when you can have more bodies? Our wishes were fulfilled and we were lucky to have a new short term volunteer retreatant, Roz, turning up to help the Centre for a few months. Her help has been invaluable to the Centre already. Since these positions are short term (a few months) currently, there will be a need again for it to be fulfilled in the spring. If you are interested in this kind of opportunity – a combination of Dharma practice and service – please get in touch with the Palpung Wales office.

winter retreat palpung walesWinter Retreat is Filling Up
Our wish is that this darkest time of the year could serve as the most (en)lightening experience in getting to know your own mind, and to that end we are providing this special time dedicated to practice. Our Winter Retreat seems to be filling up quite quickly, so if you wish to reserve yourself retreating time in one of our cosy retreat rooms, we’d recommend that you book it sooner than later. Please contact palpungukoffice@gmail.com / 01495 313395 to enquire about the free time slots that are still left.

Lama Rabsang meditating: not too lose, not too tight. Just relax and maintain awareness.

Lama Rabsang is Resuming His Weekly Teachings in December
We are slowly drawing an end to this year’s teaching programme by Lama Rabsang. His retreat will finish on 5th December, but his last monthly teaching will be next weekend 6th-8th Oct, when he leads an intensive meditation retreat: The Union of Calm Abiding and Insight Meditation. The next time he will give weekend teachings after this retreat is in February 2018. More about the retreat below under the Events.

I am sure we are all waiting for Lama Rabsang to emerge from his retreat and share the fruits of his retreat and practice on a more regular basis. Good news is that Lama will start teaching the meditation classes and leading the pujas again in December, when we others retreat for Winter months. When planning the next year’s teachings schedule, Lama revealed a little bit of his plans: Teachings from February to September and then another solitary retreat period at the end of the year. It seems that the practice bug has bitten him badly! Maybe we could wish such a bug to have a little bite of us as well! Or we can hope that this is contagious.

Your generosity can go even further by Gift Aiding it.

Gift Aid – What a Gift! Help for the Centre’s Improvements
Due to the extensive and time consuming work with the Gift Aid forms by our trustee Rachel Moffit, the Centre was finally given £12 710 by the government to match the Gift Aid donations. This was the first time the Gift Aid claim was made by the Centre and the result proved that it is definitely worth writing those few lines in the envelope if you are a UK tax payer and want to have your say where your tax money will be spent. We want to thank you all those who have Gift Aided their donations and helped the Centre to get this extra bit of money, which will be used to change the rest of the upstairs windows in the retreat rooms to make them warmer, as well as making a personal retreatants’ own kitchen / lounge upstairs. If you are a regular monthly supporter and have not yet signed up to Gift Aid, please find the form attached here in this email, or contact Palpung Wales office.

Written by: Pauliina Kossi


A Message from the Trustees

We thought this would be a good time to introduce ourselves as there have recently been some changes to the Board of Trustees. Palpung Changchub Dargyeling is a registered charity (The Sherabling Foundation UK) and as such must comply with charity law and other legal requirements. Trustees are responsible for ensuring that this happens, that money is spent responsibly and that the charity is run in an accountable way. As trustees we are obviously guided by the vision of Lama Rabsang and wish to bring his plans to fruition.

Gareth Jones and Corinthe Rizvi remain as long standing trustees and have recently been joined by Rachel Moffitt and Lindsay Thomas.

Gareth has taken over as the Chair and is also responsible for all things to do with the building and repairs – so is always kept very busy in that department.

Corinthe is the Secretary and looks after all things administrative including the vital job of dealing with the paperwork to ensure Lama’s visa is all in order.

Rachel as Treasurer deals with the accounts and all things to do with money.

Lindsay has responsibility for the volunteers who are so crucial to the success of the centre now and in the future.

Lama Rabsang may have been on retreat for the last year but that that has not stopped him having fresh plans for Palpung Wales and in the next few months that will be a large part of our focus as Trustees. To mention a few for now: In the main building, a new kitchen will be put in upstairs for retreatants and also new windows to the rest of the retreat rooms. Some running repairs will also be done in various areas of the centre. If you have any concerns or just want to engage with us then please feel free to contact us. At least one of us usually attends Lama’s courses or you can write care of the centre.

Gareth, Corinthe, Rachel and Lindsay

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