Palpung Study Group Brighton welcomed Lama Rabsang with joy

Palpung Study Group Brighton welcomed Lama Rabsang with joy

The Palpung Study Group Brighton, formally given its name by Tai Situ Rinpoche, has been meeting weekly for Chenrezig practice and meditation for a year or so. Some of us have strong links with Palpung Wales (Brynmawr) and we were very happy to welcome Lama Rabsang here for a weekend visit at the end of October. We met together first on the Friday evening in Christina and Paul’s home in Hove for supper and Chenrezig practice. How warm, joyful and bright it was to walk into their sitting room and see Lama sitting there, smiling.

On Saturday Lama gave teachings on the theme of Compassion. We had advertised this day and were pleased with the number of people who came along. There was deep listening, engaged discussion and a mood of relaxed enjoyment throughout the day.  Lama spoke of the importance of living each moment fully in the present; no moment will ever come again. Chanting Om Mani Peme Hung together in beauty and gratitude we ended our day.

We stood together on the high chalk cliffs of Beachy Head on Sunday morning, looking out into a luminous infinity of sky and sea. Lama suggested that we come here to offer prayers and blessings for those people who had taken their own lives from these cliffs. We found a quiet place where we sat on the earth and meditated together in the sunlight.

We are so grateful to Lama for coming to us. His presence is blessing and teaching in itself. Our small group received a light from Lama which will continue to burn for the benefit of all living beings.

By Helen Carr

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