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"Auspicious" By HE Tai Situ Rinpoche

Text Downloads

Below are practice texts for downloading and printing. The texts can be printed double-sided and then cut into pechas. Covers are included separately so they can be printed single sided and folded.

If you wish to practice these texts, it is recommended that you at least get a reading transmission and instructions from a qualified teacher. Most of the deity sadhanas (pujas) also require an empowerment if one is practicing it regularly.  

Please treat these texts with respect: Buddhist texts contain scriptures considered sacred, it is traditional to never place them on the floor or to step over them.

Seven Branch Prayer TEXT
Seven Branch Prayer COVER

Dorje Chang Tungma TEXT

Long Life Prayer for All Four Heart Sons TEXT

Tsepame TEXT

White Tara TEXT
White Tara COVER

Green Tara TEXT
Green Tara COVER

Prayers to the 21 Taras TEXT
Prayers to the 21 Taras Atisha TEXT
Prayers to the 21 Taras COVER

Shower of Blessings TEXT
Shower of Blessings COVER

Chenrezig TEXT
Chenrezig COVER

Medicine Buddha TEXT
Medicine Buddha COVER

Mahakala TEXT
Mahakala COVER

Daily Milarepa Guru Yoga TEXT
Daily Milarepa Guru Yoga COVER
Milarepa Guru Yoga TEXT 
Milarepa Inserts, Dedications, Tashis, Offering Prayers, and Mandala TEXT

Ngondro: Chariot Traversing the Noble Path 9th Karmapa TEXT
Ngondro: Chariot Traversing the Noble Path 9th Karmapa COVER

Kusali Ngondro TEXT
Kusali Ngondro COVER

Mandala Offering TEXT
Mandala COVER

Mahamudra aspiration by 3rd Karmapa TEXT
Mahamudra aspiration 3rd Karmapa COVER

16th Karmapa Guru Yoga TEXT
16th  Karmapas Guru Yoga COVER

Kunchog Chidu TEXT
Kunchog Chidu COVER