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Palpung Wales

The Dharma Centre was opened 8th December 2004 at the request of many students of the Tai Situ Rinpoche that they may have a place where they could find appropriate teachings, advice and guidance in their practice and study of the Buddha’s teachings, and to that end the Kenting Tai Situpa appointed Choje Lama Rabsang as the head of the centre.

First the centre was located in Llandrindod Wells, moving later to Cardiff in February 2008. Through the blessings of the Karmapa, the Tai Situpa, the lineage and the good karma generated by the group here in Wales, in 2009 we were most fortunate to acquire a property for Palpung Changchub Dargyeling in Brynmawr. With the acquisition of this new wonderful property we will have a firm footing for Palpung in Europe, the UK and Wales itself.

His Eminence 12th Chamgon Khenting Tai Situpa

The Opening Letter by Situ Rinpoche

Any kind of Dharma activity is focus to help every sentient being to uplift from suffering of Samsara and to achieve Buddhahood and also to bring harmony and peace in this world. Especially a proper Dharma Centre with genuine spiritual activity will serve the lineage of Buddha Dharma. I am delighted to know that Palpung Changchub Dargye Ling in the UK are having their opening ceremony on a very auspicious day and that this centre will carry the lineage of the Palpung congregation of Tibetan Buddhism, to preserve and propagate the unbroken pure lineage of Buddha Dharma and to serve humanity and every sentient being. The Palpung Changchub Dargye Ling Centre in the UK is also a branch of Palpung Sherabling, which is the main seat of the lineage of Tai Situpas in India. Dharma Centres are established only on the request and interest of people who wish to have a proper Dharma place and teacher. Currently Lama Rabsang of Palpung Sherabling Monastery is appointed as resident Lama of Palpung Changchub Dargyeling. He is a qualified Lama who also has good experience to train the students in Dharma practice and administering the centre. I do believe that you all will learn proper Dharma under Venerable Lama and uphold the great lineage of Buddhism to serve humanity and world peace. Relatively speaking, the proper function of a Dharma Centre is to assist the needs of every student according to their Dharma needs for the benefit of everyone. I wish to encourage every Dharma member and supporters to continue your moral and financial support in order that this Dharma Centre flourishes. I send my sincere prayers and congratulations for the opening ceremony of Palpung Changchub Dargyeling in the UK.

Yours in the holy Dharma.

The Twelfth Kenting Tai Situpa
December 8th 2004

Appointment Letter for Lama Rabsang

The Appointment Letter for Lama Rabsang

To whom it may concern

Lopsang Lama Khamba was ordained as a monk at the age of 18. He has been a monk at Palpung Sherabling Monastery in India since 1990.

Since this time he has completed the traditional three years retreat during which he received the transmission of Karma Kagyu lineage and after the completion of his retreat he was appointed as the dicipline master of the monastery for four years before attending language school in Birmingham, England.

Now, I am appointing him as a CHOJE lama (Resident Lama) of Palpung Changchub Dargye Ling at UK, which is branch Dharma Centre of Palpung Sherab Ling. His knowledge of Buddhism and ritual ceremonial is well completed according the Palpung Congregation of Tibetan Buddhism.

I believe his stay will be beneficial to the followers of Buddha Dharma and Dharma Centres.

With Prayers,

The Twelfth Kenting Tai Situpa

21st July 2004


What the Centre can offer to you

Meditation Classes

Courses, classes, retreats and pujas

At the Centre you can study meditation and many Buddhist topics in a way that suits your schedule. We have weekly classes and weekend courses, as well as longer retreats where you can deepen your understanding under the guidance of a qualified teacher.


Personal retreat space and rooms

If you are looking for a peaceful space with relaxing and inspiring atmosphere to do a personal retreat, we have 8 retreat rooms especially dedicated to that purpose. The resident teacher is usually available for personal interviews and retreat guidance, or if you need help in planning your retreat schedule he is able to help with that. The close guidance from a qualified meditation/buddhist teacher with a peaceful retreat space is one of the special features of Palpung Wales centre.

Buddhist Wedding Blessing


On request the Centre’s resident teacher Choje Lama Rabsang can give also interviews, Buddhist refuge vows, boddhisattva vows and blessings in different occasions. He has been invited to do home blessings, wedding blessings as well as prayers for deceased. These beautiful rituals don’t cost anything, but it is a traditional custom to give a donation for the teacher and also cover the travel expenses should there be some.

Sanga Events

A sense of belonging and community

Anyone is warmly welcomed to attend and to be part of the community in a way that is most suitable for them. We welcome the whole family to join in. One does not need to be Buddhist to attend the activities of the Centre. We have Buddhist film evenings once a month, regular voluntary working days, weekends and retreats and group gatherings. We also get together to celebrate teachers´ birthdays, Western and Tibetan New Years, and many other occasions, which you can see from the calendar.


A library for the study of Buddhism

The Centre has a growing collection of Buddhist books and magazines, which one can borrow or read in our library. We have books nearly from all areas of Buddhism, so you can get a good support for you from books when deepening your understanding in Buddhist thought and ways of life. You can keep the books for a month, or longer if agreed with office personnel.


Relaxing and reading in the lounge

The Centre’s lounge is community’s meeting area, but also provides peaceful corners for stopping for a cup of tea and read a book or browse our Buddhist magazines. You are very welcome also just to pop in for a visit and a cup of tea during the Centre’s opening hours.


A little shop of Dharma items

At the Centre there is a little shop for Buddhist books, photos and pictures, meditation shawls, Buddhist ritual items and incense etc. Unfortunately we do not sell online, but if you know what you need, we can post it to you. Kindly contact the office either through phone or email.